Associations worldwide accelerated their digital transformation the moment a global pandemic hit. In this new reality, members expect digital-first engagement, and associations must deliver to stay relevant and thrive.

At MCI, we’re proud to be on the cusp of this digital transformation – leveraging over 30 years of association knowledge combined with global experience and cutting-edge solutions that guide the success of our over 200 association clients.

Below are resources we’ve created to help associations not just survive, but flourish, during and after this time of change. Want to have a deeper conversation about customizing your association’s future-ready roadmap? Get in touch.



The Path for Going Forward

Virtual Events

Engage event attendees with the right technology, train speakers and facilitators to effectively deliver content digitally, and prepare, prepare, prepare (did we mention prepare?).

event strategy full

Rethinking Your Event Strategy Video

MCI USA President of Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives Shawn Pierce on reevaluating, reengineering, and relaunching your events during the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement Expertise to Transform Your Virtual Events

In the fallout of a global pandemic, associations need to rethink their organizational strategy while still connecting and engaging empathically with members, sponsors, and partners.

MCI USA is here to help you navigate this new reality and get your strategic plans back on track with new business models.


MCI Toolkit: Strategic Engagement for the Digital Transformation

At a time of transformation across industries and sectors, we want to help you along your journey towards new digital engagement models. Our MCI Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to uncover the right tech for your organizational goals.


The Digital Events Handbook

How do you host a digital event that provides an engaging audience experience thanks to the right tech platform? How do you leverage the rich data insights that arise? Discover some practical tips in our Digital Events Handbook.

Member Engagement

Connect digitally with members and boost their member longevity by using the platform that best aligns with your organization’s goals while implementing a strategic engagement strategy.


Member Engagement in a 2D World - Connections Beyond the Screen

It's not every day you participate in a webinar where the attendees pick the topics - but that's how it went for our recent interactive discussion covering all things member and volunteer engagement in a digital world.


Host Some Virtual Frivolity

Webinar. You shudder as soon as you read the word. Holding still within our little Zoom/Teams/GTM meetings is fatiguing. And although we all know we shouldn’t multitask, EVERY SINGLE distraction possible is right there, accessible during each meeting. That said, there are some experiences that are truly captivating – and in the name of research, Erin Fuller, President of MCI USA Association Solutions, set out to check them out.


Parallel Play: Connection During & Beyond a Pandemic

There is no question we are in new territory when it comes to our own learning, connection and engagement during this time of quarantine. Just because we're currently apart, it doesn't mean that we're alone. Erin Fuller, President of MCI USA Association Solutions, explores new avenues for you and your organizations to still be together.

Digital Marketing

Develop innovative and effective messages designed specifically for your target audience’s preferred digital channels, and achieve your goals through strategic placement and data.


Marketing and Communications Lessons from COVID-19

Association marketing and communications has changed, and in this webinar, Rebecca Flick and Colleen Nolan present four lessons for keeping your content engaging and relevant.

Download the infographic »


From Big Stage to Small Screen - How to Promote and Lead a Powerful Webinar

In this fast-moving "webinar on webinars," MCI's Carrie Hartin  and Mindset Digital's Debra Jasper dove into the dos and don'ts for rising above the digital noise by using standout webinar marketing, and capitalizing on your content to generate additional revenue using innovative sponsorships and techniques.

Download the Mindset Digital's Visual Storytelling Guide »

Online Learning

Offer educational content optimized for the appropriate digital learning platform and cater it to your members’ various learning styles and professional development goals.


Learning, a Feeling of Learning, and Active Learning

Barry Grant, MCI USA's Director of Credentialing, Standards, and Professional Development, explores continuing education and offering a satisfying feeling of learning, along with having actually learned something of value.


Building an Engaging Online Learning Program Webinar

Your members want to excel, and they’re looking to your association to provide top-notch, credible learning that fits their schedule and enhances their résumé. MCI USA’s Senior Vice President of Credentialing, Standards & Professional Development, Sara Meier, walks through the do’s and don’ts of building your online learning program to fulfill member needs and expectations.

Sales & Sponsorships

Provide value vendor partners can’t resist by leveraging opportunities to reach members digitally through new and existing content, virtual events, and innovative tools.


The New Normal Video Series

In this MCI Thought Leadership conversation, MCI USA President of Sales Solutions & Services Carrie Hartin talks Sales and Sponsorships in the time of coronavirus — from revising your outlook for 2020, to finding new revenue opportunities, to understanding what your customers need.


Creative Non-Dues Revenue Webinar

In this interactive session, Association Solutions President Erin Fuller facilitated a meaningful discussion with sales & revenue gurus Kathy Bradley and Brittany Shoul - including revenue statistics, audience polls, and live engagement.

Download the "20 Questions to Uncover Non-Dues Revenue" checklist. »


Invest: Marketing Materials to Support Sales Growth

Sales and business development professionals are charged with maintaining strong client relationships and building new ones in order to grow revenue for the organization. We are competing for the opportunity to engage a new prospect and to be able to earn a meeting and a conversation. Once we have started to build interest with a prospect, it is critical that the marketing materials used to support direct selling are captivating and solution oriented.

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