In this MCI Thought Leadership conversation, MCI USA President of Sales Solutions & Services Carrie Hartin talks Sales and Sponsorships in the time of coronavirus — from revising your outlook for 2020, to finding new revenue opportunities, to understanding what your customers need.

Due to COVID-19 in-person events are on hold indefinitely, and the immediate outlook is dim for many other traditional sources of non-dues revenue. The good news:

  • First, there are other sources of revenue to explore, many of them tied to existing content, programs, and other assets.

  • And second, this is a great opportunity to reaffirm your relationships with exhibitors, advertisers, and sponsors.

Watch these seven “bite-sized” videos below to learn what you need to know — and do — about non-dues revenue during this unprecedented situation. Or – if you prefer to watch the full video – scroll to the bottom.

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The New Normal: Episodes

Episode 1: What’s the Outlook?[01:30]

“For most associations, if they’ve had a strong, stable sales effort heading up to this point, their outlook for the year will be the best possible outcome.”

Formulate a revised 2020 forecast for your organization – including revenue you already have under contract.

Episode 2: How to Talk to Your Customers [01:12]

“This is an incredibly valuable time to invest with [your exhibitors, advertisers, and sponsors]… Get on the phone with them. Understand what’s happening with their business right now.”

Learn why it’s more important than ever to talk to your customers — and what you should say to them.

Episode 3: Building Sales Relationships [01:35]

“When you look at some of the best brands in consumer marketing, they’ve gotten very savvy about how they build a relationship with a customer before they actually begin in any type of a sales capacity.”

Focus on transactional relationships with your existing customers — and cultivate new ones.

Episode 4: New Pathways, New Revenue [01:49]

“Where there’s really going to be opportunities to plan and expand for future revenue growth are with the products where they’ve got meaningful engagement.”

Monetize not just webinars and virtual events but research, connections, and other assets.

Episode 5: Virtual Realities [01:32]

“Associations that have figured out how to build products quickly, be nimble in their approach, and reach a broader audience with meaningful content and engagement are going to be the ones that are in a strong position to build revenue around those products.”

Learn why virtual events are a powerful solution both during and after the coronavirus crisis.

Episode 6: Preparing for Long-Term Uncertainty [01:28]

“Organizations [need to] ensure they’ve got product development, marketing, and business development teams working hand-in-hand – having the revenue outlook in mind at all times.”

Prepare your teams now for a potentially volatile sales future.

Episode 7: Listening to What Your Customers Are Saying [01:10]

“Our customers need to hear that we understand what’s happening in their business. They need to hear our voice. They need to understand what’s happening within our association.”

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes by learning how to listen — and be there for them.

The New Normal: Full Video


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